Criminal Law Drug Dealing Bronx Gang Members Arrested

Published on June 24th, 2013 | by Daniel R. Perlman


Drug Dealing Bronx Gang Members Arrested

Prosecutors: Gang Members Targeted Drug Dealers

Prosecutors announced the arrests of 11 drug dealing Bronx gang members Thursday who allegedly targeted other drug dealers in brutal home invasion robberies.

As WCBS 880 radio’s Irene Cornell reported, the drug gang known as “6 Wild” specialized in the kind of crimes they thought would never get reported; beating and robbing suspected cocaine and heroin dealers during home invasions.

According to prosecutors, the gang slipped up at least three times when they invaded the homes of innocent people who had no drugs, Cornell reported. Those victims did report the crimes.

The gang members allegedly held a gun to their victims’ heads and demanded cash and drugs before severely beating the victims, prosecutors said. In some cases, the victims were strangled, according to authorities.

The gang members used Facebook and YouTube to boast about their criminal prowess, Cornell reported.

According to prosecutors, the suspects posted photos of themselves posing with large amounts of cash and stolen jewelry in stolen designer handbags.

“This group carried out vicious assaults, robberies and drug dealing. Each and every activity they were involved in threatened the safety of the people in their community,” New York City’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said in a statement. “They swore allegiance to only one thing – the Gucci bags full of cash that they collected from committing their crimes.”

The gang members allegedly carried out about two home invasion robberies a month over a two-year span beginning in June 2011, prosecutors said.

The drugs were then allegedly repackaged and sold, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said 6 Wild operates in the Morrisania section of the Bronx.

“Our office has had many dealings with the decent, hard-working residents of Morrisania. Their message to us has always been a loud and clear desire for crime-free streets. We will never give up the effort to provide them with the quality of life they deserve,” Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said in a statement.

The 11 suspects range in age from 19 to 24. The arrests began Wednesday morning, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said gang leader Jameekga Joseph, who went by the nickname “Fresh” and his brother Wakimi Joseph, known as “Problem,” were already in jail on prior charges.

Each suspect faces multiple counts of conspiracy. Some have also been charged with assault, robbery, burglary and attempted gang assault.

The suspects were all due to be arraigned later Thursday.

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Source: “Drug Dealing Bronx Gang Members Arrested,” June 24, 2013.

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