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Published on February 26th, 2013 | by Daniel R. Perlman


No bond for man accused in grandfather’s murder

Anthony Vashern Prothro, 22, of Carrollton, accused of his 70-year-old grandfather’s murder last month before setting his house on fire, was denied bond Friday by Judge Bill Hamrick, a Carroll County judge.

Howe, a public defender representing Prothro, said the motion was not for a “typical bond” in which the suspect would be released from confinement, but a bond to release him from Carroll County jail to be housed in a lockdown facility to receive psychiatric treatment.

“Being in Carroll County jail is not good for him, and it’s not good for the jail either,” Howe said. “I think he and others would be better served if he received treatment.”

Prothro is charged with seven offenses, including murder, arson, burglary, armed robbery and concealing a death.

The state, led by Assistant District Attorney Anne Allen, opposed bond.

Allen called Sgt. Shannon Cantrell of Carrollton Police Department to testify during the hearing.

Cantrell said that Prothro admitted to the offenses during interviews after being arrested about a week after the alleged crime.

The lead investigator said that results from the crime lab had shown that Prothro’s grandfather, Carrollton resident Alvin Driver, had died from blunt force trauma to the head, rather than smoke inhalation, which was originally suspected during the original investigation of the fire.

Cantrell testified that Prothro went into Driver’s home on Foster Street by climbing through a window sometime on Wednesday, Jan. 16, with the intention of stealing Driver’s wallet. When he discovered that his grandfather was not in the shower as he’d expected, he crawled out of the window and came to the front door, the officer said.

“He told me they had an argument about (Prothro’s) drug problem and not being able to find a job,” Cantrell said.

The investigator said Prothro told him he then took an exercise dumbbell and hit his grandfather on the head “several times.”

The crime lab report found that Driver’s skull had been fractured numerous times, Cantrell testified.

“He told me he left the residence when his granddad was lying on the floor, snoring,” the investigator said.

Police deduced that, in the next several days, Prothro allegedly returned to Driver’s home, taking the keys to his grandfather’s truck and taking it, returning it later each night.

In the early morning hours the following Saturday, Prothro went back to the house, doused an area in gasoline and set it on fire, police said.

Firefighters found Driver’s body in the living room of his home at about 5 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19.

During the time between the grandfather’s death and the alleged arson, Prothro is accused of using his grandfather’s debit card to rent movies at Redbox, Allen said. For that alleged action, Prothro is also charged with financial transaction card fraud.

Prothro’s mother, as well as several other family members, was present for the bond hearing.

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Source: Times Georgian “No bond for man accused in grandfather’s death,” February 22, 2013.

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